View Counting Terms and Rules


Please note that our system counts only valid views that are validated through the algorithm and terms as mentioned below.

  • Dashboard Views UPDATES:- ovlinks Dashboard updates in RealTime Along with Views and Earnings Data.

1) Unique Visitor:- ovlinks will count only unique visitor views, Which means One user or Device can be counted only once per 24 hours, 

Please remember that even if the visitor has already clicked someone else ovlinks link in the last 24 hours you won't get the count as the visitor is still not unique.

  • Please note that visitors can still access destination links as many times as they want.
  • Please note that even if the visitor is not unique but still it'll record the traffic quality, Sharing multiple links to the same user is also beneficial to grow your Traffic Quality which is really good for your account.

2) Complete Visit:- ovlinks will record and validate the visitor's view only if the visitor has reached to destination link by clicking the GET LINK button on the 2nd or 3rd Page after passing through the 1st and 2nd pages of links.

  • Please note that if a visitor quits or closes the link page on the 1st or 2nd-page view won't be counted.

3) Suspicious Visitor:- ovlinks will count only genuine human visitors but if the tracking system detects any kind of Proxy, VPN, BOT, Auto RUN Scripts, AdBlocking Software, or Apps in these case view won't be counted and it might also Deny Access for the visitor from reaching the destination links to prevent advertisers and publishers revenue and resource losses.

Withdraw and payment Faqs

  • 1$ = 70 rs
  • 5% convinience fee for all payouts