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Ovlinks is a Link shortner exclusively made for crypto faucets, We understand crypto faucet owners requirements and are the best Link shortner for crypto faucets

Making money on Ovlinks is very simple you just need to shorten the links and we add intermidiate pages with advertisements so whenever someone visits your shortlink and bypasses intermidiate ad page to reach the destination link you make money

Unlimited Yes you heard that right. The cpm rates are dynamic and totally dependent on the Cpm we receive from the various ad networks that we use,We pass 95% revenue to publishers You can check our Payout rates according to countries by clicking here

You can checkout the minimum payout for various payment methods by Clicking here

We pay all publishers Monthly Twice (1st and 15th).Sometimes the funds we receive from the ad network may not be enough to pay all the payout requests so the payouts sometimes are delayed but will be paid within a month for sure.If you have requested payment and havent received it since 1 month you can contact our support from live chat or email us at [email protected]

The current available payment methods are Bitcoin(crypto),Digibyte(crypto),TRx(crypto),LTC(litecoin)

The best way to increase your earnings is to drive quality traffic to the shortlink from the high Cpm countries like USA,UK etc

Your Earnings/Balance will be carried into the next month balance and will never expire,So whenver you complete the minimum payout amount whether in 15/30/60 or 3000 days you will be paid in the next upcoming payment days

Ovlinks team have a experience of 3 years working in this field,Ovlinks is already working with Huge faucets like DutchyCorp and faucetworld

We count 3 view/unique ip address within 24 hours.All views from proxy/vpn are not logged into your earnings.Other link shortners count only 1 view/Ip/24 hours but we make it easier for you to earn 3x more Money

Yes you can , just provide us the detailed abuse notice to us and we will block it.

You can contact us for any question through our live chat.Sometimes our live support chat is offline , you can try again after sometime or email your question on [email protected]

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account_circle Vikas Crypto Faucet Owner

Ovlinks is the Highest Paying Link shortner for Crypto faucets their live support is always ready to help 24/7 moreover Cpm rates are just Amazing

account_circle Robert Faucet Owner

Great Link shortner iam using it on All of my Crypto Faucets Ovlinks pays on time and is highly suggested to any crypto faucet owner

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